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Summer’s finally here! Am really looking forward to enjoy all the summer parties and barbeques with family and friends. Thought I’d put together some suggestions to share out some beautiful Moroccan decor ideas that anyone can use for their summer party. Might as well make it unique and memorable.

Now, where do you plan to have your summer party?

Having it at the beach would be awesome. Think of fun games to play and a nice barbeque to enjoy in the evening. You can even set up your own makeshift Moroccan themed tent complete with cushions, poufs and romantic Moroccan hanging lamps.

Moroccan Decor Ideas For The Beach

Now that would be a good weekend to slow down and take in the lovely scenery at the beach with the company of good friends and loved ones.

Of course if the beach is a tad too far from where you stay, and if you happen to live in an apartment with a rooftop, that would be a wonderful place to chill. You can even invite some of your neighbors to come and have a little pot luck while taking in the scenery of the surrounding neighborhood from up there.

A few rugs and cushions on the floor and you’re all set. Bring along a few bags of chips and whip up some yummy humus as dip. Since the rooftop may not allow any cooking to be done, you can always prepare some amazing finger food complemented by wine.

Perfect hangout if there’s some cool breeze blowing with plenty of ice drinks for everyone.

There’s no hard and fast rule. Be comfortable with what you can prepare and invite your guests to contribute whatever they like.

Now if the house is too boring and you’d like to go out for some much-needed fresh air, the park is where it’s all happening. Plenty of nice green space for the kids to run around. Look for a nice spot to plonk everything down starting with the rugs. Then build your own makeshift tent.

Makeshift Garden Tent

It’s going to be a blast if you have several of these makeshift tents if you’re expecting quite a number of people.

Or if you spot a nice porch or gazebo that could use a bit of color to make it more comfy, it’s going to be super! If that’s not happening in the park, then consider decorating the gazebo or porch with colorful lanterns, cushions and cloths. It’s sure to be a crowd drawer.

Moroccan Decor Ideas For The Garden

Well if you prefer to relax and enjoy the privacy of your own backyard, there’s plenty that you can whip up since the kitchen is nearby.

A few Moroccan lanterns, side tables and cushions spread out will look really good.

Moroccan Garden Picnic

Seating won’t be a problem since everyone will be leaning on cushions.

If you have smaller backyard, you could simplify it further to make it look like this.

Simple Moroccan Decor For The Backyard

For those who prefer to party in the house, setting up the dining room will be easy if you’re entertaining guests there. You can do away with chairs and use cushions and pillows with a low table to make it more intimate.

Simple Moroccan Decor For Dining

This simple Moroccan decor is ideal for small groups of people so that you’ll have time to catch up and enjoy one another’s company.

Now what’s a party without yummy food? If you’re going with the Moroccan theme, you can whip up some dips with chips or vegetable sticks (to be a bit healthier), Moroccan tagine (if you’re planning to cook at home), Moroccan mint tea (maybe spiked with a bit of alcohol), refreshing Moroccan watermelon salad with pistachios (still trying to be healthy) or go for a full blown barbeque.

Moroccan Watermelon Salad With Pistachios

Moroccan tagines are amazing. Pick your flavor. You’ll still be able to enjoy it even if you’re a vegetarian as you can cook a vegetarian tagine.

One of my favorite would be the Moroccan Apricot Lamb Tagine. So good.

Moroccan Apricot Lamb Tagine


And no, I didn’t forget the barbeque. Instead of just throwing meat or burgers on the grill, try using skewers so you can add in vegetables and meat or fish with some fruits.

These Moroccan fish skewers are amazing with some lemon, cucumbers, onions, capsicum and barramundi.

Moroccan Fish Skewers

If chicken is too boring, then grill some lamb cutlets. Have them with mint sauce.

Grilled Moroccan Lamb Cutlets

Everyone will not want to leave your summer party if you’re going to serve these amazing food.

Don’t forget to serve them some nice Moroccan mint tea. Would be great if they come served in Moroccan tea glasses.

Moroccan Mint Tea Glass

That should cool everyone off. Your guests will have to do a lot of workout after all this food.

Basically, you don’t need a whole caravan of stuff. Keep it simple and basic.

Whether you’re planning to have it in your own backyard, at the park, by the pool, on the beach, at the rooftop somewhere, just make it a point to enjoy yourself. And if you’re going to be outdoors, don’t forget the sunblock.

With Father’s Day around the corner, this would be a perfect time to enjoy a summer party with family and friends. Be as creative as you like. The main idea is to try something different and experience something new instead of the same old mundane stuff that you normally do during summer.









First we had to deal with the enormous amount of email spam that lands in our inbox. Now, we can’t even browse in peace without having a whole bunch of retargeting ads following us everywhere after we visited some sites. Call it being trailed or tagged by the paparrazi cookies but if you are as fed up as I am, there are a few ways to avoid having these pesky ads follow you everywhere.. every day!

Clear Your Browser Cache

Whether you’re using IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari or Opera, just find the settings and have your browser cache or browser history cleared. Depending on how severely you’ve been cookied, you may also want to set your browser settings to never remember your browsing history when you re-start your browser. Bear in mind that there’s a trade off for this especially if you’re a bit lazy and want your browser to remember the sites that you’ve visited without having to type out the whole URL. But it’s always good to do some house cleaning. Just favorite some of those sites that you normally frequent if you have trouble remembering the website address.

Clear The Cookies

These little bits of code allow sites to track you when you visit them. While it’s meant to be good but if you’re feeling overwhelmed with ads following you all over social media to normal surfing time, then just clear the cookies or tweak your browser settings to prompt you whenever a site wants to cookie you.

Private Browsing 

The last method would be use private browsing or VPN (Virtual Private Network). Of course normal folks may not go to that extreme but at least you know that the option is there for you. So in the event that you wish to surf online with your phone, tablet or laptop securely, you won’t have to deal with all these retargeting ads hounding you.

Bartley Ridge

Bartley Ridge. The name of the new residential property development in Singapore that saw overwhelming response when it was first launched last year. If you are wondering why Bartley Ridge was such a best seller, you don’t have to think much further.

Many property buyers loved the fact that it is located in a good location. What they see as a good location does not mean that is located smack in the middle of the city center. If you want to own a piece of property in the city center, it will cost way too high for many to be able to afford it.

What captivates most home owners is the fact that Bartley Ridge is located somewhere peaceful which is surrounded by lush greenery. Imagine coming home to a place of serenity after a hectic day at work battling the stress in the office and you can see why many like the idea of a peaceful area for them to come back to at the end of the day.

And if you going to start a family, this is a good residential property to own as nearby there are a number of reputable schools that one could plan to send their child to. Because when it comes to owning a property in Singapore, one has to think long term.

The developer, Hong Leong Holdings has a good reputation for developing residential as well as commercial properties.

Bartley Ridge will have 868 residential units which is made out of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. These units will cater to the needs of home owners who could range from single adults to couple and young families.

And because the Bartley MRT is located right next to it, traveling to popular places like Orchard and Marina Bay are only a few MRT stops away. Taking the MRT around is a piece of cake.

Bartley Ridge will come with full condominium facilities that looks very tempting. Other than beautiful swimming pools, they are also other facilities such as a wonderful topiary garden and hydrotherapy pools for residents to relax in. And for young families, there is a nice children play area for kids to have fun where they can also enjoy the splash pool.

For the more active ones, play a game of tennis or basketball or calm yourself in any of the meditation pods. Have a relaxing dinner with family or friends at the Dining Pavilion. Or check out the putting green.

For more information about what Bartley Ridge can offer, check out this site

Duo Residences Singapore

Some times I like to indulge in a little hobby of mine. After a whole day of work, all I want to do is to sit down and look at impressive architectural designs from around the world. What recently caught my attention was the Duo Residences Singapore. While the overall structure looks simple, yet if you think about it, to build the building and make sure that it does not topple over or crash is another engineering feat. Talk about pushing the boundaries of design, architect and engineering.

Designed by world renowned design architect Ole Sheeren, it comes as no surprise that the Duo Residences will not look like any typical building. You know how the typical building will look like. Tall, square and boring. I like it when designers come up with abstract design of buildings. Once build, it tends to grab the attention of those around it like the previous projects by Ole Sheeren.

Plus the fact that it is able to stand out from the rest of the boring buildings around it. The Duo Residences Condo will be an impressive place to live in as it comes with both residential and office units. There’s also a 5 star hotel somewhere in there. And I really like the fact that it has a sky pool though not sure whether one will get a bit dizzy or not swimming in such a high sky pool.

The view should be amazing. That is provided you get a high floor unit to live in. And with full condo facilities with connection to the Bugis MRT station making commuting a synch, this is indeed a good project to invest in. Developed by M+S Private Ltd which is a collaboration between Singapore’s Temasek and Malaysia’s Khazanah National, both country’s impressive government investment funds each have their own strong portfolios that showcases their strengths.

If you are interested to find out more about the Duo Residences, click here to have a look at the concept designs and full information about this residential project.

Property investors will be the first to book themselves a unit there as it is a worthwhile investment for the long term. They will either live there or have the option to rent it out to foreign expats who are working in Singapore since the location is so ideal. It is located near the Central Business District making commuting quick and convenient.

Commonwealth Towers Queenstown Singapore

Property investors are all waiting for the launching of Singapore’s latest property development called Commonwealth Towers Queesntown. Located at the fringe of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD), the new property is being developed by two of Singapore’s top developers. A collaboration between City Developers and Hong Leong is sure to encourage property buyers to snap up the units fast when they are made available.

Commonwealth Towers is made up of 845 residential units and each block will be 43 storeys high.

For those who do not want to stay far away from the city centre, this is an ideal property to own. Only 10 minutes drive away is the famous Orchard Road. And if you don’t own a car, fret not as Commonwealth Towers is located only a minute away from the Queenstown MRT station.

Singapore’s MRT is well connected to every part of Singapore making it a world class public transport system.

Commonwealth Towers will come with full condominium facilities. Home owners have a choice of units to pick from ranging from 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms to penthouse units. However as with most Singapore property launches, they tend to get snapped up quickly due to the high demand for quality property.

And with Singapore property constantly increasing in market value, investors from around the world are bound to be interested as they can choose to rent out the units later to expats who are working in the Central Business District or use it as their holiday home.

Commonwealth Towers is located within the vicinity of good schools so for those who are planning to have a family, owning a unit here will make it convenient for their kids to attend the nearby primary and secondary schools. Some of the more popular schools are Crescent Girls School, Gan Eng Seng Primary and Secondary School and CHIJ St Theresa Convent.

If you’re looking for some entertainment, Commonwealth Towers is just a short drive from a selection of recreation and dining options like Holland Village, Alexandra Central, Ikea Alexandra, Queensway Shopping Centre and The Anchorage. So you won’t have to spend too much time traveling to get your entertainment or dining fix with friends and family members.

For more information on Commonwealth Towers Queenstown, please click here to have a look. Hurry as limited units are available and you want to ensure that you get the unit that you want before it’s all gone.

The new project will bring about the change for Queenstown since it was one of the earliest settlements bringing together the old and the new. Check out this short video on Queenstown’s history :

Chinchin Embellished Scarves

Chinchin Embellished Scarves

Thinking of what to get friends and family members for Christmas can be a real headache. Different people want different items. And there’s only so much time in the day that you have left after work. Don’t talk about having your own time to rest and relax when it comes to the holiday season! Not when there’s a sale almost everywhere to get your attention.

And if you’re working in an office, there’s the usual office Christmas party to attend. So if you happen to be the boss, you might be at your wits end trying to think of what to get the guys and girls. Well, if you’re looking for something nice to get the girls, you could always consider some Moroccan embellished scarves. They come in a variety of colors and design so you can’t go wrong with that.

Plus the fact that the ladies could wrap those around their neck or to complement their fashion taste with something a bit more exotic than the usual scarves. It would help if you also know what colour they like.

A bit on the fun side, if you’ve got a group of carolers going out to sing and you need a standard uniform, the ladies could each get one of these scarves since they all come in different colors and patterns. That is if they’re sporting enough to try something new.

Then there’s the usual family members to get gifts for. And I’m talking about direct family members here. Haven’t gone to the in-laws yet. Some would call them outlaws but tis’ the season to be merry. So might as well be on your best behavior even if you don’t really like them. Getting people some nice gifts will be a good encouragement to them. Plus it’ll make you feel better at the end of the day.

Besides, if you’re really not into getting gifts for some of your relatives or colleagues, you can always get them for yourself! Think of it as a little reward for all the hard work that you’ve put in throughout the year and get a nice gift for yourself. Don’t forget the best friends that you enjoy hanging out with as they would probably get you a little something as well.

Talk about some pretty good reasons to shop! If you’re wanting to see more variety of this beautiful Moroccan embellished scarves, click here

Have a good one!

Moroccan Coffee Table

It would seem that more and more home owners are looking for Moroccan furniture style items for their homes these days. These Moroccan decor do not need to be huge bulky items.

They can be just simple yet elegant items such Moroccan coffee tables or Moroccan poufs. Of course home owners will need to make sure that whatever they are planning to get for their home will not have any clash with the current theme and design of the rooms.

While looking at any of these Moroccan furniture may get you excited especially when you see the beautiful and intricate carvings on the wood or brass, it’s worth considering getting Moroccan furnishings that will enhance the look of your home.

Not so much as to draw attention to them directly. The idea is to make the entire room come alive. To have a refreshing feel and look to it.

So that when you come home, you can just relax in the environment feeling completely comfortable yet inspired by the design, color and intricate patterns on some of these Moroccan style decor. And when guests visit, they’ll be so excited with what you have in your home. As if each item has their own story to tell. They could get a complete cultural experience just by looking and feeling through some of the items that you have in your home.

Moroccan Stool

Now that’s worth catching. And normally, if they are planning on staying for a meal, just light up some beautiful Moroccan henna candles. Placing these candles on the dining room table or in your living room will give out a conducive lighting experience. And enjoying a nice relaxing meal with family and friends is always a good time for anyone. A break away from the mad, rush hour feel of work that everyone is yearning to avoid.

Now you would understand why many home owners enjoy getting Moroccan themed furniture for their homes. It always catches their eye when they browse through the shops or online.

Something different yet so beautiful is worth getting for the home. And it’s not a waste as most would have their own practical use in the home.

If you need some inspiration on what to get for your own home, check out this site here as they have plenty of beautiful items that will look good in your home.

Have a good time shopping for them.

Moroccan Candle Lanterns

House decoration is a fun activity. Turn it into a project which you and your spouse could work on to make the home look beautiful. If you are thinking of some long term plan to eventually sell the house later on, making it look awesome will be able to help you fetch a better price as people who are looking for beautiful homes will not hesitate to shell out some serious moolah for a beautiful home.

Anyway, you could place these beautiful Moroccan outdoor lanterns basically anywhere. Placing them outdoors will look great when you light them up in the evening. They will look great next to any pool or fountain lighting up the evening. Talk about having a nice relaxing evening meal outdoors with family or friends. Your guests will absolutely love them!

If you’re going to place any Moroccan table lanterns indoors, you could consider the side table or a nice corner of the room. Somewhere near an electric point so that you could minimize having electrical wires running around. Now if you were going to use candles, please ensure that there are no items nearby that could easily catch fire. Safety needs to be a priority as you decorate your home.

Moroccan Lantern

For the authentic experience, most home owners will prefer using Moroccan candle lanterns as they like the rustic look. Try switching off all the other lights just to enjoy the warm cozy glow coming from these lanterns at night. It is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Don’t worry about the candle going out as the glass casing will keep it from being blown out by wind. So you can enjoy the lighting experience without worrying about the candles being blown out.

Put them by the patio or leave them on the floor indoor since some of them Moroccan lanterns can be quite tall. The shorter ones you could put on tables. While they make excellent home decor for any house, one of the things  like about them is that they are also easy to clean. Just get some candles and you can practically leave them lighted for a few hours.

For those who enjoy aromatic candles, it will be a double treat to have them lighted in these Moroccan lanterns to give out a relaxing scent. If you’re interested to get a few for the home, check out this site as they have quite a variety to pick from. Have a good time decorating your home.

Here’s a short video on some other beautiful Moroccan lights that you could consider getting :

Beautiful Ceiling With Moroccan Tiles

These quite a number of things that you can do with Moroccan floor tiles. Most obvious choice would be to use them as part of the flooring for your home. However, home owners these days do not want to be limited to using these Moroccan tiles as part of their room flooring. They want to break out of the mundane and try new things to achieve a better effect. Hence you have people purposely buying these beautiful Moroccan encaustic tiles to create brand new patterns to be placed as part of the wall of their rooms.

Some may even decide to have the designs that they have created framed up like an art piece to be hung as a display. And those who are more into art and creative work will take it a notch further by using these beautiful Moroccan floor tiles to decorate the ceiling of their homes with unique patterns and designs. As you can see, there really is quite a number of ways for one to use these beautiful tiles. I gather that most of them are hand painted individually giving it a rustic look.

Moroccan Floor Tiles

And with all things Moroccan, most of the time you will notice that the patterns and designs that are painted on these tiles are quite symmetrical following Moorish traditions. If you’d like to capture the attention of your guests who come to visit, pick out the more colorful tiles and place them where people would least expect to find them. That’s just one of the ways to break the norm. I mean, be creative. If you have a house of your own, take the time to decorate it beautifully and artistically.

So where can you get a head start to look for some beautiful Moroccan tiles? Here’s a site that has some pretty good ones

Other than the living room, people usually decorate their bathroom and kitchen with some of the Moroccan floor tiles. You could even use them as part of the design of your kitchen table top for a change. However, if you’re planning to have them placed in the bathroom, make sure you get the glossy ones with a protective layer so that it does not easily wear out with the cleaning and moisture.

You could also consider forming different patterns and designs for each individual room flooring to give the room an identity of its own. So enjoy the home renovation process when it comes to some creative design work.

Here’s a short video on some unique Moroccan floor tiles to consider :

Delicious Moroccan Tagines

Summer’s here. Time to have a little cook out in the back yard and invite friends over. Planning to cook some yummy food for a nice evening dinner. Have been getting some request to host a nice get together so I’m going to cook with Moroccan tagines instead of the having the usual barbeque. That way, I could let the peeps know how healthy the food is as usually they end up burning the steaks and burgers on the grill.

Planning to use lamb this time. I did some research and discovered some real yummy Morrocan tagine lamb recipes online. Friends were asking about it as they thought I’d be doing the usual barbeque in the back yard. Anyway, not planning to invite a big group. Just going to have some real close friends over to catch up on stuff.

Moroccan Tagines

Why do I say Moroccan tagines make yummy food? Because of the way the entire cooking tagine is shaped. Made from clay and looks like an inverted cone, it is able to cook an entire dish without drying up everything. That’s because when steam rises to the top of the cone top, it will condense back into water making sure that the dish doesn’t dry up. And since I’m not going to spend the whole day cooking this dish, I will need to do some improvisation.

I’m going to marinate and sear some of the lamb first on the tagine. This seals in the juices. Next, I’m going to cook the vegetables with some garlic and then pour in some broth before adding back the lamb to simmer together. That will leave me some time to go bake some bread while everything is being cooked to tenderly perfection. When the dish is ready, will throw in some almonds to get some crunch. While the bread is baking, it’s an easy task to whip together a healthy salad. Think I’m getting more health conscious these days. I’m anticipating all this should go really well with some wine.

Oh by the way, if you’re wondering where I got the Moroccan tagine, it’s from this site here

And so as to avoid confusion, a Moroccan tagine is the clay cooking pot used to cook the dish that has the same name. And you can basically use whatever type of meat for the dish. Since I’ve had lamb before and thought it tasted great, might as well cook that for friends. If you would liek to be more formal, you could transfer the food over to a serving tagine for decorative purposes. If not, it’s fine. Try it out for yourself.

Here’s a short video on some nice Moroccan tagines that you could get for your kitchen :

Palmiro Modern Wall Mount Sink

Home owners who are in search of bathroom products may be in a predicament to pick between a bathroom vanity set or to get wall mounted sinks. That will depend on a few factors such as pricing and space. If you have the budget and space to accommodate an entire bathroom vanity set, then by all means go ahead and pick a really good one. Some couples will pick a double bathroom vanity set which allows them plenty of space for each other.

However, there are those who prefer the minimalist and contemporary modern style so instead of getting a double bathroom vanity set, they may opt to get two wall mounted sinks instead. So it basically depends a lot on taste. Obviously a wall mounted sink would cost less compared to an entire bathroom vanity set. Then again, don’t forget that you will need to get your own mirror and bathroom cabinet if you plan to store things separately.

Fredano Modern Wall Mount Sink

These days, even a simple wall mounted sink could look really good depending on the style and design that is chosen. Most homes which adopt a contemporary feel will usually go for this type of sinks.

Those who wish to be bolder could consider getting a black sink. But that would usually mean getting an entire bathroom set of black bathtubs, toilets and sink together to make it more uniform in color and feel.

While a modern wall mount sink will save you some space, this will eventually help make it easier for you to clean the bathroom since the entire sink is mounted against the wall. However, you may want to bear in mind that most stores may not include the faucet with the sink.

That could be a good point as it allows you to pick the faucet of your choice to match the sink. Other than being able to save space for your bathroom, you could also decide on the height on which you would like the bathroom sink mounted. This is especially helpful for those who are tall so that they do not need to bend over when using the bathroom sink. The way I see it, any wall mounted sink will be of great help for home owners who wish to personalize the height of these bathroom products. Here are a few really good ones for your consideration

Just remember to check with the supplier to ensure that you could have the height adjusted to your preference and whether they have other bathroom supplies that would complement your choice.

Moroccan Coffee Table

These days, Moroccan furniture are quite happening. Why do I say that? Because many home owners want to decorate their homes with Moroccan themed furniture as they are attracted to the beauty of these hand made products. Not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of the intricate craftsmanship, but these Moroccan products are also quite practical when it comes to their design and strength.

So what’s on the list of items that home owners usually look out for? They include anything from Moroccan tables to beds, chairs, couches, cupboards and room dividers. Of course if you’re hesitant to decorate your entire home completely with these Moroccan products, you could also decide which room or space that you would like to place these

Moroccan Table Set

items. At least your home won’t look to overdone if that’s your main concern.

One of the most useful item to get would be a Moroccan table as any house would be in need of one. These come in many shapes and sizes. You could choose to get a simple Moroccan coffee table which will sit comfortably in the corner of any room or one that is more ornamented with mosaic patterns which could probably double as a seat. The question is, which one would suite you?

Some are rounded while others are square. One of the best way to decide would be to check the amount of space that you have to play with. If you’re pressed for space and would like to utilize every available nook and corner that you have, it would be advisable to get a small sized Moroccan corner table. They are also easier for you to clean when you’re wanting to wipe off the dust.

However, if you have a nice big living room or outdoor verandah to play with, you may want to consider getting the more elaborate ones. These come with a complete set along with several chairs for you to sit comfortably. Best to enjoy a cuppa outdoors with family or friends. But if the weather is not looking too good over at your end, just keep them indoors. However, if there’s lots of bright sunshine and the weather is just amazingly awesome, then bring them outdoors and laze by the pool with some ice coffee!

Need some inspiration? Check out this site and you’re bound to find a cute Moroccan table for your home.

Modern Black Bathroom

Most of the bathroom toilets that I’ve seen so far are usually white in color. Well somewhere along the way, someone decided that white was getting too boring. Hence the black toilet design started to materialize. At first people were a bit hesitant since everyone was pretty much used to white toilets. However, those who are into fashion, design and interior decor realized what a great idea it was.

And before you know it, bathroom designers started coming up with black sinks to complement the black toilets. Obviously it would not look very matching if you had a black toilet with a white sink. You’d want a black sink so that it matches. And guess what? Now there are even black bathtubs. Talk about matching your bathroom stuff. They all look pretty good together mind you. For modern home owners who are looking for something new and fresh, the idea of having a bathroom that comes with black toilets, bathtubs and sinks is rather appealing. It’s a whole new level of luxury and breaks the norm of the usual expectations.

Bettino Modern Bathroom Toilet

Home interior decorating is an art form by itself. Just like fashion, there’s always something new to look forward to. While bathroom products may not change as much as clothing, there is always a constant stream of new designs and patterns to look forward to.

Imagine yourself soaking in a luxurious black bathtub after a crazy hard day’s work. The bathroom is a good place to relax at the end of the day. So home owners who usually pay attention to details and practical usage will want to spend a bit more to ensure that they have a nice bathroom to bathe in. Those who are able to afford such luxuries will gladly factor in these black bathroom products into their home renovation budget.

Of course for those who are more conservative, the normal bathroom toilets, sinks and bathtubs are not boring any more. Many interior design companies now offer a huge range of modern designs that will be able to satisfy any home owner who are looking for good quality bathroom products. None of those old boring stuff any more. You’ll be surprised that some of the latest designs come from Italy. Italians are known to be very fashion conscious.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of modern bathroom toilets here I’m sure you’ll find something fashionable that will look great in your home.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Summer is finally here! Hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial 2013 weekend. There were so many online sales going on that I was truly overwhelmed on what to get. Since It’s going to start getting hotter as the days go by, I thought I’d look for some colorful Moroccan tea glasses for the home. Will be expecting plenty of guests coming over this summer as friends are planning to fly in from different countries for a visit. So I’ll have plenty of entertaining to do this whole season.

Anyway, if you’ve got guests coming your way as well, you might want to consider getting some to rock your summer. They’re pretty colorful with lots of nice patterns. Don’t worry if you don’t like mint tea. That’s the traditional Moroccan tea that they serve to guests and practically everybody else there.

I just happen to like the glasses as they are colorful and look unique. Not the usual modern British type of tea cups. You could serve whatever type of beverage you like with the glasses. Whether it’s soda, some ice lemonade or southern tea to alcohol. Whatever makes you happy.

And don’t worry if you break any. They don’t need to come in the same colors. That’s another thing that I like about them. The trick is to get them in different colors so you won’t have to worry if you break any. No big deal. Just order another half dozen or so in different colors and you’ll be all set. They’re also great for pool parties (when everyone can’t wait to jump into the pool to cool off from the blistering heat).

Enough said. Looking for some now? You can get them here along with other Moroccan products. Time to bring out the barbeque pit as well. Can’t wait to be grilling burgers and steaks with friends and enjoying the summer!

By the way, here’s a short video on some really nice Moroccan tea glasses that you could consider getting for the home :

Room Dividers And Screens

Some home owners would love having one or two beautiful room dividers and screens in their homes. Usually, these  are ideal to help partition a room but lately, many people love to have them as decorative pieces or works of art displayed elegantly in their homes.

There are a number of uses for these room partitions as they could be used to block off a door or window which you do not want anyone to have access to within the home. Some prefer to use them to block off the direct sun light from entering through a window during the day time. Others may want to close off an entrance if they happen to have big rooms with a few exit points.

Anyway, those who have a high level of appreciation for unique artwork and exquisite workmanship will be hunting for room dividers that are usually carved from wood. These will come with beautiful designs and patterns which could reflect a particular culture or nationality. Some of these Moroccan dividers could only be purchased from selected sellers who have them imported in from different countries where they are still made the old fashion way.

So if you’re thinking of getting one for the home, there are a few places that you could place these room screens and dividers. Perhaps if you’re thinking of having an open bathroom concept that is linked directly with your bedroom without any door, placing one of these dividers at a certain angle will make the room look great.

Or if you have a studio apartment, placing a room divider to keep your work space and sleeping place separate will do you some good. Don’t forget, these partitions could also be easily folded and moved to another room around the house when no longer needed. So in terms of portability, they’re pretty easy to move around.

Of course there are those that really need these dividers and screens to protect their privacy as they need to place them over windows without restricting any light from coming into the house. You know? We all don’t like neighbors to look into our homes. Anyway, if you would like to have a look at more unique and beautiful dividers, click here and pick one for the home.

Here’s a short video on some beautiful Moroccan furniture and decor which you could also consider for the home :